Beyond the 3D Printing Hype – Meeting the Challenge for Freedom of Design

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How to create and benefit from an added value with additive manufacturing? This is a key question many people still have in mind or must actively address when dealing with the implementation of this manufacturing discipline.

This is the central question that will be addressed by leading industry representatives in the Design for 3D Printing Industrial Seminar at the ATC in Paris this Year.

The Presentation How to Design for AM if you Want to Reach Cost Effectivity by Stefanus Stahl from BMW will in particular be exciting, as for the first time ever, a metal 3D-printed part is being used in a production series vehicle. Overall the workshop addresses the industrialization, and how to create economic applications by combining new manufacturing technologies and a simulation-driven design process. Case Studies from EOS, Additive Works, Protiq CITD, Sogeclair and Renishaw will illustrate the creative application of simulation technologies while actively utilizing design freedom additive manufacturing offers. In addition to an overview of the digital process, the achieved results, opportunities and limitations as well as an outlook towards future development of additive manufacturing will be presented.

Collaboratively, EOS, Additive Works and Altair will present a First-time-right development process of AM parts with the help of optimization. EOS will emphasize the question on what needs to be considered when transferring the results from simulation into a design for an AM serial part and what implications does the process chain, including post processing have on the setup of a simulation.  Additive Works addresses the simulation of the actual manufacturing process, with the results of which, the manufacturability can be evaluated and improvements on the component design and the manufacturing preparation as the optimization of support structures are made. Protiq will showcase a set of tooling applications that gained Increases productivity that could be unlocked by the application of Multiphysics Simulations. CITD will present their efforts on how they are pushing technology to industrial applications with new design tools and processes when designing recurring AM products for Ariane launchers. Sogeclair shows another facet of additive manufacturing for large aerospace structures. The symbiotic combination of Simulation, 3D Printing, and Casting created a new category of door structures. That it is all about a new way of thinking will be finally wrapped up by Renishaw on their view on optimal part design, combining DfAM thinking with advanced design tools and processes.

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Mirko Bromberger
Mirko Bromberger

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