Why Your Company Wants MBSE tied to Analysis Models

MBSE or Model Based Systems Engineering is currently the buzz-word within the systems engineering community; and rightfully so! MBSE system models (e.g. SysML) add the ability to have an “authoritative source of truth” to track the state of a system or product throughout its lifecycle – requirements, structure, behavior, and key parameter values. Compared to the traditional “document” based method of systems engineering – using Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files, this is a long overdue leap in capability for systems engineers.

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Mastering Material Data Management

The risk of oversimplifying materials infrastructure and inputs There are many tasks that involve material data in a product life cycle. As companies look to build their materials knowledge infrastructure, they pull together teams comprising of diverse users of material … Read More

Matching Circuit Design Made Easy

An essential task in the design of any wireless system is to ensure proper impedance matching between the different components in the RF chain. Impedance mismatch will degrade the transfer of energy between the amplifier and the antenna and thus … Read More