Developing Key Learnings with Our Own Data Solutions

Since joining Altair in 2019, I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with hard-working Altairians in all corners of the globe focused on the continuous improvement of the company. I am honored to collaborate with the most incredible engineers, scientists, and creative thinkers in the industry.

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What Is 5G? And Why Are There So Many New Antennas?

There’s no questioning the hype around 5G. The buzz around a faster and more connected future is exciting, but for many product designers, the exact definition of the term 5G isn’t totally clear.

5G has little to do with the classic mobile communications as we know it. Unlike previous technologies like 4G, there is not a uniform 5G network. It is more than an evolution of previous technology; it is a whole set of new networks for different applications.

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Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Rocks

Apparently, lockdown has sparked a boom in guitar sales. Confined to our homes, many of us have discovered, or re-discovered, the pleasure of picking an acoustic, thrashing a Stratocaster, or strumming a ukulele. As a guitar player, I understand the … Read More