Altair and WEYV Unveil Vision for the Future of the Digital Economy

On June 1, exactly 6-months since Altair’s IPO, WEYV (an Altair company) rang the opening bell at Nasdaq in Times Square. It was an exciting day that served as the launchpad for the formal unveiling of WEYV’s vision:

To transform the digital economy to a new and more equitable model for artists, creators and consumers.

At an event following the opening bell, Altair chairman and CEO, Jim Scapa, and I had the pleasure of announcing the vision to WEYV partners, including publishers and record labels.

We know that transforming the digital economy will take a great deal of work, and we are prepared to do just that. After all, the platform on which Altair offers its software solutions – as well as more than 150 partner software applications – has transformed how the engineering sector accesses digital tools.

We believe this model, which is what WEYV is built upon, is more sustainable than how consumers today are accessing content and how creators are monetizing that content. The model is intended to benefit consumers and creators of music, periodicals, blogs, apps, podcasts and more in the following ways:

  • Ease of access to multiple forms of content via one platform across all devices
  • Fair compensation to creators for their intellectual property based on usage
  • Confidence knowing their personal information is not compromised
  • Compliance with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), enabling consumers to control what content is or is not accessible
  • Exposure of content to a larger audience

Details surrounding our vision can be found here in the presentation that was shared with our partners at the June 1 event.

WEYV is available in the U.S. as a subscription-based app that allows users to listen to music, read magazines and e-books, and (soon) watch visual content.

Altair customers are invited to try WEYV absolutely free. Just sign-up at and enter this promo code: ALTAIR_CUST2018. Then download WEYV from the App Store or Google Play and enjoy!

Stephanie Buckner
Stephanie Buckner

About Stephanie Buckner

As senior vice president of corporate development, Stephanie Buckner is responsible for Altair’s strategic business initiatives and its merger and acquisition efforts. This includes building strategic partnerships across Altair’s entire ecosystem including software, hardware, cloud, the Altair Partner Alliance, and with customers. Previously, Buckner held senior management roles at Altair including director of strategic alliances where she surpassed aggressive new partner enrollment goals and was responsible for scouting, selling, onboarding, and managing relationships with third-party B2B software providers. Additionally, during her time at Altair, she also was the co-founder and chief executive officer of WEYV, a multi-content platform built on Altair’s patented digital content licensing model. Prior to joining Altair Buckner held analyst roles at Cisco Systems and American Express. Buckner earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial and operations engineering from University of Michigan.