The Perfect Fit for Federal Digital Transformation Initiatives

Federal departments and agencies face relentless pressure to improve standards of efficiency, service, and security. This means adopting increasingly sophisticated technologies and adapting in an evolving, complex digital landscape. Systems integrators (SIs) are at the forefront of this strategic repositioning known as a digital transformation.

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Digital Debunking: The Loaded Dice Advantage

When the bullfrogs stop croaking on a summer night, the vacuum of noise is almost deafening. You awaken from a hazy half-sleep, aware of a presence just outside. You moved off the grid to escape other people, but most of all, to escape your past. Every bump in the night is a reminder that that history could come knocking again at any moment.

You grip the baseball bat under the mattress and slowly but deliberately push open the creaky wooden door.

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Digital Debunking: Muscle Car Mods

As we enter fall and get ready for winter, many of us gearheads who have been socially distancing behind the wheel of a classic or performance car will have to start socially distancing in the garage instead. One popular accessory … Read More

Taking the Difficult Out of Data Analytics

Natural language processing (NLP) is already part of the fabric of everyday life. Amazon Echo and Google Home have quickly become embedded in the domestic landscape. A little less obviously, NLP is also helping to make sense of our online … Read More

Altair France Returns to the Office

What if it was possible to help fight COVID-19 with the aid of Altair tools? This idea originated in Altair France’s education, research, and Africa (ERA) business unit when the team’s group of engineers realized that, by applying various Altair … Read More