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It has been a while since my last blog entry.  It has been a busy time. I attended a great Altair India HTC, presenting at NDIA GVSETS and then experiencing the excitement around Altair HQ with the official launch of the LCO-140H (the world’s first series hydraulic hybrid transit bus). After those experiences, it is difficult for me to imagine why so many graduates are not enthused by automotive, or mechanical engineering in general, as I mentioned in a previous blog.

So I thought I’d talk about a couple things that I think are exciting ways to reverse this trend.

The HyperWorks 11.0 Student Edition has been released. This package enables students to learn more about modern model-building with Altair HyperMesh, explore the design inspiration and mass saving potential of OptiStruct, solve linear and nonlinear analysis with RADIOSS and visualize the results with HyperView and more.

Full HyperWorks documentation is provided in HTML format with an extensive set of tutorials. The cost of all this? Just $70 US, or €50, but for a limited time students can get a free license using the codes on the HyperWorks 11.0 Student Edition homepage.

I said a couple of things, didn’t I? The other one: I recently bought my six-year-old son a Yamaha PW50 dirt bike. Maybe parents’ encouraging a close relationship with motorized transport at a young age is the most effective way to enthuse that next generation of automotive engineers. It will be a few years before I can truly test my hypothesis.

Tony Norton
Tony Norton

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Tony leads the Americas based Altair ProductDesign teams in the delivery of early concept (industrial design, design exploration, testing & prototyping) and advanced simulation driven design (cutting-edge modeling, optimization, methods development & automation) to our customers. Before joining Altair UK in 1996, he worked at both Ford Motor Company and GEC-Marconi Avionics. He moved to Michigan in 1999 to join Altair US, and holds a Bachelors degree from The University of Hertfordshire in England.