Winter is Coming!

Game of Thrones became the most popular tv show of all-time, an incredible show full of evasion. Its blend of script, adult content and fearless nature is able to capture all kind of audience. Season 6 is already end and the next season is more desired than ever!
“Are you afraid? Good. You’re in the great game now and the great game’s terrifying.”
Lannister, Stark, Targaryen… we can’t wait the winter to see what will happen!
I found an interesting way to wait using Flux software! I imported and meshed Stark and Targaryen symbol. You can see the results below.


stark_1 targaryen_1








Flux is finite element software for low-frequency electromagnetic and thermal simulations, in 2D, 3D & Skew. Flux can easily be coupled to other Altair software for multiphysic couplings, and provides the most accurate analysis of your devices and systems. Powered by best-in-class numerical techniques, Flux provides fast and accurate results. Featuring extended multiparametric analysis capabilities, electrical circuit and kinematic couplings, it allows to analyze, design and optimize a wide range of applications. Numerous applications: rotating machines, actuators, solenoids, transformers & inductances, induction heating processes, sensors, cables, electric connections, electromagnetic compatibility



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