Why We Are Doing solidThinking CONVERGE 2016

We have a great software and consulting business, a global clientele, and a track record of putting on very impactful technical conferences. It would be easy for us to continue on our regular techno-centric conference path….but we aren’t. We are doing solidThinking CONVERGE because we believe the best days of technology-driven product and experience creation are ahead of us.

My first job in product development was at the Ford Motor Company in 1978. We founded Altair in 1985, and in all those years I have never been as excited and optimistic about the ability of product and experience creators to have a positive impact on humanity as I am today. Notice the use of the words “product and experience creators” instead of engineers, designers, architects, or any other subset describing people looking at how we use things to our mutual benefit. The technologies and methods exist, and the compressed timescales of progress demand that the disciplines come together in a convergence for the greater good.

At a certain moment in life and career, one begins to reflect back on the great people with whom it has been a privilege to work. The truly magnificent ones transcended definition and organizational structures. They were the engineers who somehow got their truck chassis components launched below target cost and weight, the software designers who changed the way people work and play, the product designers who created long lines of consumers wanting to pay a premium for elegantly useful things, and the executives who led teams with the vision for a new class of passenger jet. They were the innovators of products, businesses, and experiences who would have been successful moving things forward whether their tools were stones and chisels or the latest simulation software and additive manufacturing machinery.

Altair’s culture has always sought to bring together multiple disciplines of engineering and creative processes. Inside our company we innovate constantly in the way we design, the products we create and the business models we experiment with. We aggressively employ our software tools and product development methods, so that outside our company we can play an enabling role in the great things our clients are accomplishing. We believe strongly that bringing simulation software and rapid manufacturing technology forward in the design process can be a source of inspiration along with a winning response to accelerated product lifecycles.

With solidThinking CONVERGE we want to push the boundaries of product and experience creation. We want attendees to be stimulated, and leave with a sense of purpose and confidence to help make the world a better, faster, stronger, safer, more invigorating, and kinder place. We are seeking ways to accelerate the beautiful things that happen when right brain, left brain, art, science, form, function, design, engineering, and manufacturing are propelling upward in concert.

Please come join us.


James R. Scapa
James R. Scapa

About James R. Scapa

James R. Scapa brings more than 35 years of engineering experience to his role as founder, chairman, and CEO of Altair, a global company focused on transforming product and business decision-making through simulation, data analytics and optimization solutions.