Welcoming the Littlest Altairians to Altair – A Peek at our “Take Your Child to Work Day”

On April 28, we welcomed around 100 of the littlest Altairians ranging from ages five to 18 to our headquarters in Troy for our very first Take Your Child To Work Day.

The day started with a dance party and a welcome in the many different languages that represent our employees.

Because we wanted to show our kids how cool it is to work at Altair, we created nine activity stations that mirrored what we do every day when we go to work.


Our stations included everything from color theory through mixing frosting for cookies to coding robots to knock over water bottles, to making and launching rockets (many of which remain stuck in the ceiling of our two-story galleria). The kids were able to play around with our Inspire software to design a bridge – even the five-year-olds were able to understand and create. Because a healthy lifestyle is so important to our culture here, the kids also had the opportunity to plant organic vegetable seeds, play basketball, duck-duck-goose and hopscotch.



“It was a pleasure to watch everyone interacting with their children. The substantiation of working/teaching/learning within the Altair family’s families was amazing to see.” — Jim Scapa

We ended the day with a pinewood derby race in the atrium. Kids designed cars, then were cheered on by Altairians on all three levels of the building. The energy generated by the day was felt by everyone!



“I always thought Altair was really cool, but now it’s even better because I made friends here too!” — Avery, age 7


Kelli Baird
Kelli Baird

About Kelli Baird

Kelli is currently the director of executive programs and relations for Altair. Her duties encompass a wide variety of things including executive management, corporate event planning and execution, community relations outreach and anything else that comes across her desk. She has been with Altair since 2011. Prior to that she was the vice president and executive producer at an experiential marketing company in the Metro Detroit area.