Walk, Learn, and Share: 2015 European Altair Technology Conference

If you are reading this, chances are you have been at a technical conference at least once in your professional life. For me, the beauty of these conferences is connecting and sharing experiences with other peers – often coming from entirely different backgrounds, yet facing similar engineering challenges.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the 2015 European Altair Technology Conference. Over 650 simulation and engineering experts gathered at the “Cité de la Musique” in Paris, France to network, learn, and share experiences on trends and news related to simulation and product development.


I could tell you how great it was to be there and how many interesting people I met, but you probably wouldn’t believe me unless you were there, too. So, since we live in a world where we are connected 24/7, I’ll let my phone tell you some numbers. According to my fitness app, during the three days of the conference, I covered 42 miles, climbed 81 flights of stairs, and walked a total of 53,000 steps. Not a bad workout for just another day in the office!


Instead of walking all the time, I could have probably borrowed the composite bicycle Rolo Bikes exhibited at the show. The Rolo composite bike was designed with using OptiStruct optimization technology and is the world’s lightest and stiffest bike frame. To cover longer distances, I could have jumped into one of the racecars Beta Epsilon and a student team from Politecnico di Torino brought to the exhibition. These racecars are a perfect showcase of how HyperWorks’ structural and CFD simulation can be applied in motorsport, but perhaps not a practical mode of transportation in Paris’ traffic.

Speaking of transportation, the conference featured several very interesting presentations from automotive clients including Jaguar Land Rover, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault Nissan, Plastic Omnium and Volvo Cars, on topics like aerodynamics efficiency, lightweight design and streamlined development process.


Sadly, I was not able to take advantage of the 3D-printed lightweight parts designed for aerospace applications and shown at the conference by RUAG Space and Sogeclair, amongst others. Flying around Paris would have been an incredible experience! However, additive manufacturing was certainly a key topic discussed in many sessions, including the AEC track, a specific symposium on 3D Printing, and at many of our partner’s booths in the exhibit area.

Ultimately, all of these miles, flights of stairs, and steps were definitely worth it – EATC 2015 was a great conference! In case you missed it, I’ve got good news: all approved presentations as well as video interviews taken at the conference is now available online. Only one click away, right from your couch, with no additional steps required (pun intended)!

Simone Bonino
Simone Bonino

About Simone Bonino

Simone joined Altair Italy in 2001, and is currently the Vice President of Marketing for HyperWorks® at Altair. He has over 20 years of experience in the PLM market, particularly in the field of manufacturing simulation and business development. His current role includes overseeing the global marketing strategy for the extended HyperWorks brand, integrating contributions from the other Altair divisions, and building a cohesive message with dynamic marketing materials for the CAE and PLM market. He holds an associate degree in mechanical engineering from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale (ITI) Edoardo Agnelli in Torino, Italy.