Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Joins LIFT To Enhance Its Automotive Light-Weighting Research

Lightweight Innovations For Tomorrow today announced Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (VWGoA) has officially joined the institute to advance the group’s research into lightweight metals, therefore reducing the weight of future vehicles.

VWGoA, now a LIFT Silver Member, is the first automotive OEM to join the Detroit-based Manufacturing USA institute. The group is comprised of Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

“Light-weighting is critical for the future of our vehicles, not only to improve on fuel economy, but also to help improve vehicle performance,” said Dr. Hagen Seifert, Head of Materials, Audi AG. “The innovative research being done and the network of industry and academic experts available at LIFT were keys drivers in our decision to join.”

Among the areas the group is interested in working on: researching how internal components can be made lighter while improving performance and power for the vehicle while reducing manufacturing costs.

“We are thrilled to have VWGoA, along with their other high performing brands on the market, join LIFT,” said Lawrence Brown, executive director, LIFT. “Bringing an automotive OEM into membership alongside our present auto suppliers and industry OEMs members creates an enhanced robust ecosystem, allowing participants from across industries to work together and learn from each other.”


Richard Yen
Richard Yen

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