VisSim™ 9.0 Accelerates Model-Based Design of Embedded Systems

Recently, Altair released VisSim 9.0 with a variety of new features and improved robustness.  VisSim is an innovative visual language used by scientists and engineers around the world for model-based embedded development of complex dynamic systems. VisSim’s tightly integrated development environment makes it easy to navigate the stages of model construction, simulation, optimization, validation, and code generation, allowing the user to create, verify, and validate prototypes before committing to the design.

Notably, VisSim 9.0 increases engineering productivity and expands its support of the Texas Instruments (TI) C2000 product family.


The speed of plots and overall simulation has increased, particularly for large diagrams with many conditional subsystems. New features include multi-scaled plots, polar plots, and a block and diagram finder.  These enhancements are completely compatible with previous versions.


polar-plot (1)

VisSim now offers deep support for motor control simulation and embedded development on TI C2000 microcontrollers (MCUs), enabling control engineers to develop embedded systems 100% graphically without the need to write a single line of C-code. Specifically, release 9.0 expands the collaboration with respect to the F2805x, F2837x, and F2807x MCUs as follows:

  • support of the Piccolo F2805x MCU, including programmable gains, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and comparator subsystems;
  • support of the Delfino F2837x MCU with 200 MHz performance, 16 bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), 12 bit DACs, and dual C28x cores; and
  • support of the Piccolo F2807x MCU with 100 MHz performance, 12 bit ADC, 12 bit DACs, and dual C28x cores.

Furthermore, electric drive engineers may now access TI InstaSPIN, the leading motor technology on the market.


“VisSim 9.0 has totally changed the way I interface to InstaSPIN-FOC,” said Dave Wilson, Motion Products Evangelist at Texas Instruments.  “I have used it for lab activity in my motor control course, and my students loved it!  They had the interface working and their motors spinning in no time.”

Find out more about VisSim 9.0, and request a free 2-month trial today.

Peter Darnell
Peter Darnell

About Peter Darnell

Peter is the Vice President of Model-Based Embedded Tools at Altair. He received a patent of efficient multi-core thread synchronization and worked on parallel vector code generation. He started Visual Solutions in 1989 to create VisSim, and soon began working closely with Texas Instruments. Peter continues his work on VisSim since the Altair acquisition of Visual Solutions in August 2014. He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Connecticut. Peter served on the ANSI X3J11 Committee to standardize the C language and is co-author of "C: A Software Engineering Approach" published by Springer []