Vehicle Crash Test Simulation with Toys

I was inspired by my two-year old daughter’s amusement over her precious building blocks being smashed on the living room floor. I also wanted to show her older brothers that engineering work isn’t boring and that real simulations beat their video games any day of the week!

I batch meshed the CAD assemblies with SimLab, which created incredibly high quality meshes despite the high level of geometry detail. Then I used HyperMesh for scene set up and automatic clean up. I’m not a RADIOSS expert, but I was able to simulate the crash using RADIOSS technology and then finally chose animation angles in HyperView before cutting everything together in iMovie (with the help of my 10-year-old son).

Number of elements: 1.3 million
Simulated time: 100 milliseconds
Calculation time: 24 hours (6 threads on i7 laptop)
Initial velocity: 2 m/s on each car
Material models: Elastoplastic polycarbonate and hyperelastic rubber
Contact formulation: Type 24

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