TMR Angle Sensor Simulation

Learn more about magnetostatic 3D simulation for new TMR angle sensor applications. Such magnetic sensors are deployed today in automotive electronics, as well as in many new industrial, consumer-product, medical, avionics, defense and other applications. With Flux 3D, several effects of the influence of magnet geometry parameters and mechanical tolerances of sensor positioning were investigated, such as airgaps and tilts effects. The results include optimum solutions useful for TMR, as well as for a wide range of other angle sensor types and applications.

During initial magnetostatic simulations of TMR angular sensors operating in tandem with standard disk magnets using Flux 3D software, optimal solution ranges were very quickly determined. Optimal diameter range and airgap range, as well as optimal height/diameter ratio range and tilt tolerances were obtained. Consequently, replacement of Hall sensors with new TMR sensors in a classic on-axis angular configuration was successful. We fully verified our previously-filed patent application on standard and redundant TMR position sensors together with materials, which allow us to prepare new patent applications. Additionally, we investigated not only a standard magnet disk shape, but some special magnet shapes were investigated too. More details will be published later when our dynamic and multiphysics simulations are ready.

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3D BX isovalues on 2D sensor grid with airgap 0,5mm and 4,5 mm.


0,5 mm airgap


4,5 mm airgap









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