Featured Event: Tesla Motors Utilizes Altair HyperStudy to Explore and Optimize Pedestrian Impact Performance

Live Presentation – Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 2:00pm ET

The design group at Tesla Motors has faced the challenge of meeting legal pedestrian impact requirements and the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) without affecting the vehicle styling. Over the past few years the allowable injury threshold has steadily been lowered, forcing vehicle manufacturers to come up with innovative solutions.

Tesla used HyperStudy – Altair’s software for multi-disciplinary design exploration, study and optimization – to explore the available options and for optimizing parameters such as the stiffness of the ankle catcher system and the head acceleration curve.

Optimization study significantly improved the sub-systems performance, and resulted in a solution that was outside of conventional assumptions.

The Webinar will introduce HyperStudy’s capabilities for optimization and design exploration leading into the analysis of a Tesla use case.

Featured Speakers:

Fatma Koçer, Director of Business Development, Math Solutions Altair


Singai Krishnamoorthi Technical Specialist and Staff Engineer Tesla Motors

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