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Information: The Fuel for Cognitive Computing

New innovations in self-service data preparation technology are having a significant impact on a business user’s ability to unlock and use all data, including dark data. Earlier this year the Gartner Group called this “the next big disruption in business … Read More

Welcome to the party, Tableau

Tableau today shared its roadmap to enter the data preparation market with a future product offering that is separate and distinct from Tableau Desktop. As a vendor that has been doing data prep longer than any other vendor and sells to over … Read More

Eliminate Your Content Blind Spot

It’s critical for organizations to drive efficiencies while also maintaining a customer focus. The only way to get the insights necessary to do this is to leverage every shred of data available, in every format, in every source, to gain … Read More

The Science and the Art of Data-driven Processes

The business decision-making process starts with raw data, which is then analyzed and interpreted as it turns into information. This, in turn, drives effective business outcomes as the information leads to insight and knowledge. Think of the data pipeline process … Read More