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Healthier, Happier Reporting: Part One

2017 is fast approaching, and with it comes the hope and promise that only a new year can bring. If you’re at all like me, you’ve already started making a mental list of things you’d like to improve in your … Read More

Information: The Fuel for Cognitive Computing

New innovations in self-service data preparation technology are having a significant impact on a business user’s ability to unlock and use all data, including dark data. Earlier this year the Gartner Group called this “the next big disruption in business … Read More

Welcome to the party, Tableau

Tableau today shared its roadmap to enter the data preparation market with a future product offering that is separate and distinct from Tableau Desktop. As a vendor that has been doing data prep longer than any other vendor and sells to over … Read More

Eliminate Your Content Blind Spot

It’s critical for organizations to drive efficiencies while also maintaining a customer focus. The only way to get the insights necessary to do this is to leverage every shred of data available, in every format, in every source, to gain … Read More