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The Socialization of Enterprise Data

In a world that has become increasingly dependent on spreading data through socialization – whether it be media, politics, healthcare, entertainment or more – the need for smart businesses to adapt is clear. Commodities, including enterprise data, need to be … Read More

PDF Data Extraction Made Easy

In a world where the amount of data and complexity of sources is rapidly growing and expanding, it is becoming more essential for data to be easily organized for analysis. This process typically includes manually converting data from one raw … Read More

IN10 Gets Latin America Data Prepped for 2017

We are ringing in the New Year by celebrating data prep’s launch to the Latin American market through our new partnership with IN10.  IN10, based in Brazil, has been providing customized business intelligence and management solutions to clients in Latin … Read More

How to Work Smarter, Not Harder in 2017

In our blog post Healthier, Happier Reporting: Part One, we recommended the New Year’s resolution of working smarter, not harder. This may sound easier said than done, but adopting new data preparation habits could save you hours of time and … Read More

Healthier, Happier Reporting: Part Two

Last week I offered the first in a series of easy-to-adopt resolutions for improved data prep and analytics in the new year. Below are a few more that will hopefully get you motivated and on the road to happier, healthier … Read More