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Deloitte on the Business Value of Visual Analytics

Several Deloitte partners have written an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal emphasizing the business value of using visual analytics to help managers reduce costs, identify anomalies and exceptions, and develop a better understanding of operations that can inform … Read More

How to Solve a $65 Million Data Problem

Maximize ROI of your data with Altair Knowledge Hub If you’re sitting on a big pile of data and thinking you’re ahead in the data-driven game, you could be in for a big surprise. For data to be considered high-quality, … Read More

Using Our Own Tools to Sell More Effectively

Guest blog contribution by Dan Bolon, Federal Solutions You might not typically see Sales Reps or Account Managers building complex data transformations in analytics tools, which are generally reserved for analysts in Finance, Marketing, BI or Operations. But at Altair … Read More