Stuffed toys and Raspberry Pis

Compare these two stuffed toys:

Raspberry Pi foundation Bear Merchandise


Carriots Internet Stuffed Toy concept idea Example

They both are soft, cuddly, about 20cm tall and related to contests.

The Bear has nice T-shirt of a Raspberrry Pi and does not need batteries.

The domo-kun is stuffed with electronics and two set of batteries:

DomokunM2M electric organs

and does strange things:

DomokunM2M synchro with Dropbox

The bear is part of Raspberry Pi new set of merchandise. On their blog they have posted a competition to give him a name and you can win the toy. The competition ends at midnight on Tuesday April 16.

The other teddy (the strange one) is connected to Internet and can Tweet, Talk (Text to Speech), Plays videos and Synchronizes content with Dropbox thanks to Carriots. This super cool stuffed toy (batteries included) has a name: DomokunM2M. The domokunM2M is part of our 1st Developer challenge and you can make it yourself following this tutorial . Our challenge ends tomorrow. But you can follow the above tutorial to create the next generation of toys. In fact DomokunM2M was created in just 2 week in the crazy lab of Carriots.

BTW: Our engineers made this little and funny video of DomokunM2M (non-official) that has already over 1000 views:

Enjoy it!

Note 1: Domo Kun is a trademark and copyright of NHK

Note 2: Carriots is a software company and does not make toys, but we like to implement Internet of Things to whatever we can, even poor and unarmed stuffed toys 🙂

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