Structural Optimization eBook Now Available

It’s all about you. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a researcher, it doesn’t matter. What matters is providing you with the tools required to succeed in engineering.

For the last 25+ years, Altair has been developing the best technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative products. But we are not just another software company. We provide you with personalized support, study guides, online and onsite training, internship programs and sponsorship opportunities. We listened, and created an academic program that is continuously evolving to meet and exceed your expectations.

Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that the new Altair study guide, Practical Aspects of Structural Optimization is now available! This new study guide provides a basic introduction to the different optimization methods available with solidThinking Inspire® and OptiStruct®. More than 9,000 users downloaded the Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation study guide since its release back in 2012. Many professors also use the PowerPoint version in their engineering classes, and it is also available in Chinese language.

So what are you waiting for? Request your free copy today and start exploring finite element simulation and structural optimization with us!

Matthias Goelke
Matthias Goelke

About Matthias Goelke

Matthias is responsible for the Academic Market vertical in Altair’s Global Markets Team. A key aspect of the academic activities is the communication of Altair’s university offer which includes software, academic forum, training and education of students and teachers, student competitions, academic events and workshops and joint research projects Prior to his current position Matthias was university account manager in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His experience at Altair includes project management, technical support, training management, custom software development and software release as well as technical documentation. Before joining Altair Germany in 1999, Matthias worked as a post-doc at the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and the Free University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Matthias holds a Ph.D. degree from the Free University of Amsterdam.