The Structural Form: Altair Global Director Dr. Luca Frattari to Give Keynote at Biocene 2018

Altair’s Global Business Director Dr. Luca Frattari, has been invited to participate as a keynote speaker at the 2018 Biocene conference hosted by NASA, Great Lakes Biomimicry, and the Ohio Aerospace Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.

Biocene 2018 brings together thought leaders, cutting-edge manufacturers, educators, and experts in biology, engineering, design, and organizational development. This is the 3rd annual bio-inspired symposium held in Cleveland featuring human-made innovation inspired by nature.

Dr. Luca Frattari will present “The Structural Form” on Friday, August 17 at 9:30am ET. Attendees will learn more about the co-existence of Form and Structure.

In the constructive practice, form and structure are not always integrated and can appear separately; the skin of a building can hide a different inner structure or the style of an object is often independent from its structural system. In many cases the Structural Form is the result of man’s adaptation to special conditions: climatic, historical, economical, cultural.

In nature that definition is adopted by the life forms following the evolutionary principles that rule the development of biological forms. In mostly of life-forms, structure and form tend to be coincident. Branches of trees and skeleton bones have a specific Structural Form which define their function and design. In this sense Structural Form has a natural meaning.

The natural meaning of Structural Form can be adopted in special forms of structural elements, created to build specific architectures. This concept was applied in the past to build architectures based on empirical knowledge and it has been abandoned in the last century to follow abstract forms.

The experiences shown in the present work have demonstrated how structural optimization procedures, like topology optimization, are able to mimic natural processes in defining architectural structures and industrial design objects with an aesthetic added-value that might represent an alternative and attractive vision.

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About the speaker

Dr. Frattari holds a master degree in Architecture from the graduated from the University of Camerino, Italy. He received his Ph.D. in Experimental Architecture and Industrial Design from the School of Advanced Studies (SAS) from the University of Camerino, Italy.

His Ph.D. on the application of Topology Optimization in Architecture and Industrial Design spans from structural form-finding, free form structures, conceptual design, CAE, 3D modeling and visualization, 3D Printing and UX.

His works have developed an innovative methodology to evaluate concepts with the most advanced technology. The works have been key to discover groundbreaking workflows that integrates CAD, CAE and Computational Design as well as state of the art metal 3D printing. His research has been published and presented in several international conferences, including the World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Forbes and Wired.

As Global Director at Altair, Dr. Frattari has global responsibility for the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. He works with global AEC companies and industry experts to ensure that the digital transformation improves design workflow and ROI while attracting and win more projects.

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