Industrial Design Evolution: solidThinking Evolve® 2014

Recently, we announced the launch of solidThinking Evolve® 2014. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with solidThinking Evolve, it is an industrial design tool that allows designers to design and develop forms, using either a Windows PC or Mac. Evolve allows users to capture an initial sketch, explore styling alternatives and visualize products with high-quality renderings generated in real time.

You will notice that Evolve sets itself apart from other industrial design offerings with what we like to call a “hybrid modeling approach”. This approach offers the best blend of organic surface freedom and parametric solid controls available for product design and architecture, giving designers almost unlimited freedom to help make their designs a reality.

This week, we ran an informational webinar introducing the new version and many of its new features. It also includes a brief, but informative introduction to the product itself. I would like to welcome you to view the on-demand webinar available below.

With the 2014 release of Evolve, we focused on introducing a new level of usability and efficiency. This release includes an enhanced user interface and refined workflow controls, allowing our users to develop forms faster than ever.

Some of the key new features included in Evolve 2014 include:

Live Linking™ to KeyShot® – Enables KeyShot scenes to be continuously updated directly from Evolve (view the press release here)

New Construction Aids and Scene Management – New and improved snaps, new isolate mode, better management of hiding/unhiding objects, and many new hotkeys to increase workflow efficiency

Enhanced User Interface Options – Simplified workflow for importing and controlling background images, new option to enable/disable selection pre-highlighting, and a mode to quickly disable curve visualization for better model evaluation

Improved Modeling Tools – Refined replication tools for a more intuitive workflow, increased surface control for the Round tool, and more robust deformation tools

We have produced a short video series outlining all of the new features, you may view it here:

One of our power users recently gave the team a stellar compliment, making us very happy:

“Each update you have added makes the program easier to use and more intuitive. Great stuff! Being able to turn off the pre-highlighting is very helpful. I often have to bring in full seat frame structures for packaging purposes and it is now much easier to organize the components I am working on. The new background image controls are excellent. The update takes a lot of guesswork out of bringing in images to use for modeling. This by far is the best update to the program!”

Thomas Hicks
Sr. Industrial Designer
Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Thank you so much Thomas! We are thrilled to hear it. For anyone interested in more information on Evolve 2014 or if you are ready to request a free trial version, please visit our brand new Evolve 2014 webpage. And as always, feel free to submit any product questions to our “Ask an Expert” section of the blog.


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