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We are halfway through our new global solidThinking Converge2016 conference series exploring the intersection of design and technology, with great events behind us in Los Angeles, Essen, and Shanghai, with Tokyo, Bangalore, and Seoul still to come. Much appreciation to those who took the time to attend and participate, especially to our incredible roster of dynamic speakers. We had breathtaking diversity in our speakers and attendees, with individuals from entertainment, transportation, architecture, fashion, consumer electronics, and many other industries represented.

Ralph Gilles, Head of Design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, articulated a vision for the future of transportation design that was the perfect start to our global program. Janine Benyus, Co-Founder of Biomimicry 3.8, shared inspiring calculations showing that optimization technology has saved the equivalent of 280 Sequoia National Forests since 2000. And in Essen, the keynote by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Initiator and CEO of Red Dot Design Awards entitled “In Search of Good Design and Innovation Driven by Technology and New Materials” was an aspirational challenge for all of us to leverage the digital age in design.

Janine Benyus, Co-Founder of Biomimicry 3.8

Cross-industry and interdisciplinary pollination are expanding as market and technology trends exert strong influence on how products and human experiences are created. Through technologies such as high performance computing, big data and analytics, the Internet of Things, and application-specific computing appliances, the degree to which increasingly sophisticated simulation and optimization for innovation will utilize data to inform great decision making will continue to grow.

Altair’s culture has always sought to bring together multiple disciplines of engineering and creative processes. Inside our company we innovate constantly in the way we design, the products we create and the business models we experiment with. We aggressively employ our software tools and product development methods, so that outside our company we can play an enabling role in the great things our clients are accomplishing. We strongly believe that bringing simulation software and rapid manufacturing technology forward in the design process can be a source of inspiration along with a winning response to accelerated product lifecycles.

Converge 2016 attendees are hearing from a number of industry thought leaders with regard to how their organizations are capitalizing on newfound abilities to create and manufacture more efficiently and faster than ever. We are hopeful that this new conference series will help accelerate the beautiful things that happen when right brain, left brain, art, science, form, function, design, engineering, and manufacturing are propelling upward in concert.

Exploring the product showcase at CONVERGE

Through solidThinking Converge 2016 we want to help push the boundaries of product and experience creation. Our goal is to share broad industry insights to stimulate and inspire the global community of designers, engineers, architects, and product and experience creators who will champion tomorrow’s breakthrough advancements and new discoveries. Learn more at

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