Smart Waste Management with Carriots

We want to present a Smart Waste Management solution powered with Carriots and start a new Smart City use cases post series.

Smart Waste Management schema


Waste Management is one of the main challenges that a city council must tackle. Cities are increasing their waste throughput in a regular basis and must force City services to comply with rigorous Service Level Agreements and regulations.

Smart Waste Management goal is to optimize the recollection phase in a global waste management flow focused on solid recyclable waste.

Main benefits:

  • Avoid waste accumulation to keep the streets clean and healthy
  • Collection routes optimization to:
    • Avoid unnecessary trips (often expensive in rural or peripheral agglomerations)
    • Reducing acoustic contamination and emissions
    • Enhance city mobility by preventing trucks trips in rush hours

Provides relevant data on:

  • Global and centralized data of all the deployed containers
  • SLA tracking
  • Pattern and trend studies


The solution proposes to install the following components:

  • Devices:
    • Volumetric sensors
    • GPS (optional)
    • Communication kit
    • Carriots platform
    • Frontend and Business Intelligence suite (optional)

There can be a master device that can act as a router or each device can communicate with Carriots platform on their own. When using a classical WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) configuration, communication between devices is performed using XBee and the master uses GPRS or 3G communications to send the information to Carriots.

Devices consumption is optimized and can last over six years in temperature conditions between -10ºC and 50ºC.

Carriots combines all the data from the devices in a centralized database to optimize collection times. It will also push it to external IT systems, Business Intelligence suites, customized frontends like dashboards, control panels, etc.

Data is securely exposed through a REST API and all the business logic is built on Carriots platform, including:

  • Alerts
  • Routes
  • Events tracking
  • External IT communications
  • Device communication
  • Security


Smart Waste Management benefits:

  • Productivity enhancement & cost reduction
  • Citizen service
  • Collection process profitability
  • Service Level Agreement control and monitoring

Other common benefits of using Carriots are:

  • Reliable and scalable solution. The technology can suit pilot projects and scale up to massive deploys.
  • Carriots technology can be deployed in a public secure cloud or in a private cloud.
Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

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