Simulation-Based Design: AcuNexus™ Preprocessing for AcuSolve®

NovusNexus, Inc. recently joined the Altair Partner Alliance, making it the 37th partner in a program designed to give HyperWorks® users access to relevant 3rd party software applications. Its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool, AcuNexus, supports simulation-based design and utilizes a unique abstract modeling technology, whereby geometry-independent abstract models may be reused, reducing the amount of time spent to define and capture simulation parameters. Being able to invoke CFD simulations early and often throughout the development process is critical to shortening lead time and creating better products.

AcuNexus complements Altair’s in-house preprocessors, AcuConsole® and HyperMesh®. Its ability to process computer-aided design (CAD) models directly avoids geometry conversion and minimizes cleanup efforts. The abstract model captures all necessary information to perform a CFD simulation without being tied to a specific product shape. Automatic mesh generation ensures consistent quality, independent of user skill level. Capabilities include the following:

1. Automation of CFD simulation process
2. Geometry-independent abstract models
3. Automatic creation of CFD 3D meshes
4. Automatic creation of CFD solver input
5. Fully automatic production mode

AcuNexus supports geometry from multiple CAD packages, including Pro/ENGINEER®, Creo®, and SolidWorks®, with AcuSolve as its CFD solver. All these modules have been embedded with abstract modeling technology to automate CFD processes. An abstract model can be used with products of greatly different topology and coming from different CAD systems. Even when models differ in shape and overall functionality, an abstract model covering the functionality of both products may be used to automatically create the mesh and solver input files for both products. This approach offers the user added versatility and faster turnaround.

The traditional CFD workflow involves many menial tasks like geometry cleanup, repetitive meshing, and solver setup. AcuNexus automates this workflow by implementing abstract model templates, simulation-based design CAD models, and automated meshing algorithms. This reduces overall job preparation time, and improves consistency across engineers and throughout simulation results. More simulations can be run with smaller teams in the earliest phases of product development, driving simulation-based design into the process to improve product outcomes.

Altair Partner Alliance
Altair Partner Alliance

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