Altair SimSolid product development history

Altair SimSolid functionality has grown significantly over the past year. We typically release new functionality multiple times per month. Want find out what was added.  Read on here.

A snapshot of features/function available in Altair SimSolid today include:

  • Analysis solutions – Static, modal, thermal, thermal-stress and geometric nonlinear static analysis
  • Geometry sources – Direct integration with Autodesk Fusion 360, SOLIDWORKS and Onshape. Generic STL files
  • Material Properties – Isotropic, rigid
  • Connections – Bonded, sliding, virtual connectors as well as spot, laser and fillet welds
  • Boundary conditions – Immovable constraint, sliding constraint, hinge constraint, prescribed displacements, pressure, force, gravity, temperature, heat flux, convection, volumetric heat, remote force/moment, bearing load, bolt/nut preload, hydrostatic load, translational/rotational inertia load, inertia relief
  • Output results – Contour plots, animation (static & modal), max/min locations, point value probes, XY plots, reaction forces, connection contact forces, safety factors, frequencies & mode shapes, modal participation factors, bolt/nut resultant forces and spot weld resultant forces
  • User productivity – Bookmark browser, save animation (as .mp4 files), save images (as .png files), complete units manager, default materials, custom graphics labels, standard and user defined views, measurement tool and spot regions for custom load application

If there is something missing, please let us know. Many of these features are the direct result of user feedback. We place a high priority on accommodating your requests as rapidly as possible. Just post a message in the forum and start a discussion.

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