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An old MG advertising slogan that dates back around 80 years, “Safety Fast,” can very well be applied to the work that Advanced Design Engineering Systems Solutions AG (ADESS) has performed for another storied British sports car marque, LOTUS. ADESS used Altair’s HyperWorks Suite in the development of the LMP2 LOTUS T128 car, primarily to perform virtual crash tests of the front structure.

ADESS is a design and engineering services company devoted to designing, building and developing racing cars and motorcycles, high performance cars and electric vehicles. LOTUS put the technical development of the T128 in the hands of ADESS who employed several HyperWorks tools for this project, including HyperMesh, to create finite element models; RADIOSS, for linear and non-linear analysis, especially for crash test simulations of the front structure of the car; and HyperView, to post-process the results.

“The bodywork panels of the car are made of lightweight carbon sandwich composites and it has a carbon composite, monocoque, as well,” said Stephane Chosse, founder and CEO of ADESS. “Altair’s HyperWorks Suite is crucial in handling the crash event simulation of all safety-related parts to make sure that they meet all the crash and stiffness regulations, while keeping the car as light as possible. We are very satisfied with the results we get from HyperWorks and feel confident that it is the best solution to meet all of our engineering needs as well as external requirements. In addition we are also happy that we found a software provider who is an expert in the area of composite simulation.”

An oft-repeated quote from Colin Chapman, the founder of LOTUS, is “Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere.” Famous for weight reduction in his cars, Chapman would have been pleased to know that ADESS also intends to apply Altair OptiStruct to optimize composite parts and further improve the weight and stiffness characteristics of design for its future cars.

Tony Norton
Tony Norton

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