Risk Dashboard of the Year for 2018!

Imagine Software embedded Panopticon visual analytics into its real-time portfolio, risk management, and regulatory solutions to provide its customers with comprehensive visibility into positions, trading activity, and intra-day risk. 

Buy-side and sell-side customers use these dashboards to improve portfolio performance, perform stress tests and limits monitoring, and aggregate firm-wide risk.

Imagine Software is a Panopticon Partner.

Risk.net named Imagine’s Panopticon-powered dashboard as the Risk Dashboard of the Year for 2018.

As part of its real-time portfolio, risk management and regulatory solutions, Imagine Software offers hundreds of real-time dashboards that distill complex data into snapshot views of risk, which can be easily shared across a firm to enable better and faster decision-making about underlying concerns and opportunities.

Real-time and interactive dashboards leverage the data and analytics that Imagine has developed over more than two decades. Its risk engine includes financial models for most traded securities, and its comprehensive database contains terms and conditions for millions of securities, as well as time-series market data and pricing curves. Users can customize the analytic and graphic components of the dashboards to create integrated cross-asset security, position and portfolio-level risk and exposure views.

Steven Harrison, co-founder and president of Imagine Software, said: “The Imagine dashboards distill complex and diverse data – P&L, factor exposures, stress testing, VAR, Greeks, beta and correlations – into easy-to-understand, interactive presentations that firms can share with their clients using our custom web portal. From managing trading strategies with multifactor exposures, and fulfilling investor demands for P&L attribution, to monitoring regulatory compliance, Imagine’s clients have the best tools in the industry at their fingertips. Users are now able to easily build their own analytics and dashboards and host them in Imagine’s cloud.”

The dashboards can readily accommodate multiple levels of aggregation and drill down to meet the most complex client coverage and presentation needs. Imagine works with clients to ensure that each dashboard is built to display the exact information required to address the task at hand. Dashboards can incorporate the company’s what-if trade and scenario analysis so users can see the impact of potential trades before execution. Imagine’s dashboards are accessible from within the Imagine desktop application, as well as from any browser, platform or mobile device.

The company recently introduced the Imagine Financial Platform, which allows users to build their own apps, and in turn use Imagine’s application programming interface to access its data and analytics warehouse for gathering data and making calculations for use in dashboards.

Imagine’s dashboards support a range of firm-wide demands, including value-at-risk (VAR) and profit and loss (P&L) calculation, exposure analysis, stress tests, and sensitivity analysis. Users are accessing summary views across a broad range of factors, such as fund performance, margin, regulatory compliance, time-series analysis, Greeks, market value, beta, correlation and trading strategies.

Over the past 12 months, Imagine has enhanced its dashboard technology to support higher volumes of data and real-time updates. It has also made the dashboards available from within its MyImagine user-personalized browser-based portal. In addition, Imagine’s dashboards can now be embedded within third-party applications such as order management systems and prime broker client portals.

Imagine’s dashboards have also been integrated into its real-time risk and compliance offering, which is designed to manage volumes across millions of trades, thousands of accounts and hundreds of thousands of positions.

Judges’ Comments

“An early adopter of dashboards, the company has continued to enhance their functionality”

“Imagine has worked hard and successfully on its visualisation tools for its buy-side, hedge fund and prime broker clients”

“Impressive! The company has always had a strong technology focus”

Hugh Heinsohn
Hugh Heinsohn

About Hugh Heinsohn

Hugh is Product Marketing Manager for the Altair Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform. He has worked with the platform since 2007 and has over 20 years of management, marketing, and sales experience supporting image processing, data visualization, and enterprise software applications.