Presenting New Development Methods for Smart Devices and Modern Manufacturing Methods at Hannover Messe 2017

Visiting the world’s leading industrial show can be very overwhelming with its 6,500 exhibitions and 250,000 visitors. Hannover Messe 2017 covered the hottest topics in the industry, including Industry 4.0, integrated energy, smart materials, predictive maintenance, cobots, energy efficiency, and digital twin. Hannover Messe was packed with five days of valuable content, filled with talking to customers, media, and attendees with awesome ideas for their products.  Overall, I am very pleased with the event, Altair’s booth presence, and our conference program “Design the Difference Day” on April 25th.

With our booth and presentation program we focused on providing solutions for Simulation-driven InnovationTM, especially in the areas of IoT/Industry 4.0, smart materials, cobots, and modern manufacturing methods. We created a story for each topic and provided customer examples to illustrate the benefits our methods and tools offer.

From talking with customers, industry experts, and from our own experiences, we know that product creators today must consider the entire mechatronic system when developing a new product, such as an industrial IoT application – including the structure, sensors, actuators, controllers and much more. We demonstrated how these complex processes can be handled by presenting a virtual cobot demonstrator, showing the challenges in the development of smart devices and offering solutions for innovative IoT products.

Exhibits of products by Altair customers were used to demonstrate new manufacturing methods and the smart use of new materials in an efficient way. Among these products, we presented the Robot Bike, a bike that combines carbon fiber and 3D printing technologies, resulting in a fully customizable, lightweight, and strong mountain bike. PROTIQ’s additively manufactured injection molding tool offers unparalleled profitability through structural and thermal optimization. As well as our heaviest exhibition peace to date: a rocker arm for an agricultural soil tillage unit from AMAZONE, which was welded before and is now casted in a 3D printed casting mold. It was optimized for weight, material usage, and durability. The demonstrator was developed together with Altair, voxeljet, and Procast and weighed about 195kg.

In addition, we also welcomed Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH as a co-exhibitor at this year’s booth. Together with LZN we presented our joint specific solutions for additive manufacturing, a collaboratively developed “Design for Additive Manufacturing” training program, as well as a case study of a “bionic brake pedal” demonstrator.

The agenda of our Design the Difference program, which attracted up to 50 people to the CAE Forum in hall 6 and over 2600 viewers on Facebook live, covered the challenging journey engineers have when developing for Industry 4.0. We presented solutions and methods for simulation-driven innovation by illustrating various industry examples on how to develop innovative products successfully, despite increasing complexity.

Throughout Hannover Messe 2017, we interacted with over 1000 attendees, presented our solutions to 20 journalists, and hosted our Design the Difference day conference program thousands of viewers online and at the event. No doubt Hannover Messe is the world’s leading industrial show and we were glad to be a part of this year’s conference.

We look forward to another successful event in 2018!

Mirko Bromberger
Mirko Bromberger

About Mirko Bromberger

Mirko Bromberger is Altair's Marketing Director at Altair GmbH. He has a degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen, Germany. He has been with Altair since 2004, working in various positions in consulting, application engineering, sales and marketing.