Pozuelo City Hall chooses the Carriots CityLife platform

Carriots CityLifeThe Pozuelo City Hall chooses the Carriots CityLife platform from Wairbut for its Smart City project

Carriots CityLife platform will allow monitoring of everything that happens in the city to improve the management of city services and the quality of life of the citizens.

With this initiative, Pozuelo wants to become the Spanish national reference for Smart City environments.

Madrid, 09 September 2014– The UTE formed by Wairbut, a Spanish consulting, engineering and TIC development company, together with SICE have been chosen by the City Hall of Pozuelo de Alarcón (100k inhabitants near Madrid) to carry out the supply and installation of the systems that make up the Smart City project.

The 29th of August the City Hall approved the assignment of the project to UTE WAIRBUT – SICE, since their offer was the most advantageous, both economically and technically compared with the other offers presented by big companies like Telefónica, Deimos Space, etc.

For the sum of 394.772,28€ and a little over 3 months, Pozuelo de Alarcón will be able to count on the platform cloud developed by Wairbut, Carriots CityLife, that will function as the brain of the city, receiving the information from the installed sensors and from the citizens to plan the performance of the city services.

The contract includes the start up of the 4 projects built into the platform:

  • Smart watering in the 11 parks and gardens of the city
  • Smart parking in more than 900 spaces
  • Public lighting
  • Energy efficiency in the Casa Consistorial

Carriots CityLife offers an integrated solution that permits the monitoring and management of city services and systems in a more intelligent way thanks to its unique vision and centralization of operations.

In this way, the City Hall will know what is happening in the city in real time and can act immediately to stop automatic watering on rainy days, turn on street lamps when there is fog or reduce energy spending for its dependencies. Moreover, citizens will be able to get real time information about free parking spaces and free guide applications about parking.

“Carriots CityLife is the most advanced smart platform that currently exists since its design allows collection, integration, storage and analysis of the city information with a global perspective. This will permit the City Hall to work more efficiently and satisfy its commitment to improve the quality of life of its citizens and take better care of the environment.”, notes Antonio Sánchez, Director of Wairbut.

“We are very satisfied to be the company chosen by the City Hall of Pozuelo to make the development of the smart city project a reality and place it as a reference in the “smart cities” environment. Pozuelo is going to be the first Spanish city that has a platform which permits the management of all the city systems in an integrated way and concretely in this project: watering, lighting, parking and energy efficiency,” concludes Antonio Sánchez.

About Wairbut

WairbutWairbut is a Spanish Engineering and Information Technology company with more than ten years of experience in high value technological solution and service development and cutting edge technology for Smart cities, the Internet of Things and M2M. The integration capabilities of Waribut make it stand out as a supplier of solution value: Consulting, Project design and implementation, Outsourcing services, etc.

Wairbut consists of more than 200 professionals and its expected billing for the current period is more than 10 million euros. It maintains an annual increase of more than 20%. Within its list of clients you can find some of the most important companies and public agencies in the country including Telefónica, Vodafone, Acciona, El Corte Inglés, ENDESA, REPSOL, The Red Cross, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Ministry of the Interior, Community of Madrid, etc.

For more information:

Antonio Sánchez asanchez@wairbut.com
Elena Grande elena.grande@wairbut.com
+34 91 458 30 44

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

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