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I am pleased to announce that a redesign of the Altair ProductDesign website was launched last month.  This is the first of several Altair sites currently being redeveloped to promote a more consistent identity across the company.  The new site gives improved details of each of the four services offered by ProductDesign and presents them in a much clearer way than the old version. We plan to continuously add new functionality and content to the site including client testimonials, videos and success stories as time goes on.

Altair has tremendous breadth of experience and credibility on the consulting side of the business, having focused on engineering services in addition to software development since its inception in 1985.  Altair ProductDesign puts cutting-edge simulation expertise to work for global customers across the entire lifecycle of product development, including industrial design, workflow automation, and staffing services.  By 2012, Altair ProductDesign staff had grown to over 700 strong with 400 in the Americas, 140 in Europe and 200 in Asia, and it continues to expand.

Use of simulation tools at the front end of the design process has been extremely limited historically.  Computer aided design (CAD) happened ahead of computer aided engineering (CAE).  Once the geometry was created it would be tested for desired performance characteristics.  Shortcomings would trigger the need for a re-design and start a cycle of design iterations and trade-offs until a satisfactory execution could be achieved.  This was often a process of trial and error, could be very time consuming, and did not always result in optimal product outcomes.

Altair ProductDesign’s mantra is simulation driven design leveraging the proprietary Altair HyperWorks® simulation suite to deliver innovative, structurally efficient design solutions.  These solutions must meet or exceed exacting technical and performance specifications and are typically required within a very constrained timeframe.  Deploying CAD and CAE in parallel enables significant gains in terms of achieving the optimum design solution.  Moreover, employing simulation early increases the flexibility of the product development team by reducing the number of design iterations and thereby shortening time-to-market.

Having both consulting and software development in-house at Altair is somewhat unique.  Challenging onsite customer engagements influence the development and feature set of HyperWorks, strengthening our consulting acumen while simultaneously affording the opportunity to refine our software.  Altair ProductDesign boasts a portfolio of significant and meaningful projects crossing multiple industry verticals for both commercial and public sector customers.  More than anything, the illustrated success of our customers demonstrates Altair’s commitment to pushing the technological envelope and building innovation intelligence.

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