Parametric Analysis vs Optimization

Users often rely on parametric studies to analyse their device performances within different parameter sets (sensitivity analysis) and often wonder if it’s possible to go beyond that in order to directly find the best solution. Optimization methods can help by automatically searching the design space efficiently and finding the optimum solution. Let’s explore the differences between parametric analysis and optimization:
A parametric analysis or sensitivity analysis is the study of the influence of different geometric or physical parameters or both on the solution of the problem. Example: the influence of the air gap length on the magnetic force in a contactor.

Flux software features powerful parameterization capabilities using a solving scenario. The scenario could be single or multi-parametric including the parameter time, and/or geometric or physical parameters.

Parametric analysis Optimization
Solving Based on user defined solving scenario Based on advanced optimization algorithm (Deterministic or Stochastic)
Solution Set of “unrefined” solutions=>need to post-process each one in order to find the optimum Optimum solution or compromise solutions
Software Flux GOT-It

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