OptiStruct® Lattice Structures for 3D Printing Showcased at 2015 SpeedNews Aerospace Briefings

Dr. Ming Zhou introduced the new OptiStruct® solver release during the “Productivity: Meeting the Industrialization Challenge” segment of the 2015 SpeedNews Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Briefings in Los Angeles. This event provided a great platform for attendees to interact and network with innovators and leaders in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Additive manufacturing case studies, material usage, productivity, challenges, and emerging technology were discussed with an impressive list of experts

Altair announced the new OptiStruct solver features and capabilities that expand topology optimization support for the use of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing. The new release provides design concepts for a blended solid-and-lattice type structure, and allows additional controls over a lattice-only type structure.

The unique capability of 3D printing lies in its ability to manufacture hollow shapes with complex external geometry using tiny cells known as lattice structures. OptiStruct now extends topology optimization to assist in the efficient blending of solid-lattice structures with smooth transitional material volume. Lattice performance can be studied under tension, compression, shear, flexion, torsion, and fatigue life. This new technology satisfies an unmet need, since no tools previously existed for designers of lattice structures. Now OptiStruct will facilitate computer-aided engineering (CAE) analyses for optimal and structurally efficient material distribution.


“OptiStruct’s lattice capability represents the first step towards integrating smart materials with unique properties in products,” said Dr. Ming Zhou, Vice President of Software Development at Altair. “Continuing research and development will explore directional behavior and smooth blending of varying lattice cell layouts to take advantage of exotic material characteristics that could bring innovation to various applications.”


OptiStruct is an award-winning technology for topology, topography, size, and shape optimization that is included in CAE suite Altair HyperWorks®. Click here to learn more about OptiStruct 13.0 and topology optimization for 3D printing.

Simone Bonino
Simone Bonino

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