Open Source Licensing for Altair’s PBS Professional Now Available!

Since Altair first announced it will provide an open source licensing option for its market-leading high-performance workload manager, PBS Professional® (PBS Pro) in November 2015, it has been viewed as a milestone shift to move the HPC community closer to achieving exascale computing. And eagerly awaited.

The long-awaited day is finally here!

Open source licensing for Altair’s market-leading high-performance computing (HPC) workload manager, PBS Professional® (PBS Pro), is now available. PBS Pro development communities are now forming and the full-core open source version of PBS Pro can be downloaded at

“Our intent is to continuously push the boundaries of HPC to pursue exascale computing through active participation with the HPC community,” says James R. Scapa, Altair’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO. “Working together toward common goals will allow for resources to be applied more efficiently. Our dual-licensing platform will encourage public and private sector collaboration to advance globally relevant topics including Big Data, cloud computing, advanced manufacturing, energy, life sciences, and the inexorable move toward a connected world through the Internet of Things.”

With the release of this Open Source Initiative, PBS Pro will support an environment of collaboration for the HPC community to combine efforts and focus on achieving common objectives for high-performance computing. The PBS Pro open source licensing option complements the public sector’s culture of collaborative innovation and provides a robust platform for engineers, researchers and scientists in different organizations to work, learn and advance HPC together. The private sector will continue to have access to a fully supported, hardened HPC workload management platform tightly integrated with Altair’s PBS Works suite and its hardware and software partner technologies.

“Scheduling is a basic building block of HPC.  We are trying to cultivate a community that spans the world of HPC (both public and private sectors) to eliminate duplication, to build on the strengths of all sectors, and to focus on a common solution for HPC scheduling.  A shared solution will speed up progress for all,” remarked Dr. Bill Nitzberg, PBS Works CTO.  “Altair is committed to being aggressively open and community-oriented with this project and looks forward to nurturing an inclusive environment for the advancement of HPC.”

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The global HPC community is invited and encouraged to engage, participate and share in the PBS Pro open source project. Join the conversation, and downloads of PBS Pro are available at

Biba A. Bedi
Biba A. Bedi

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