Onshape CAD integration improvements

Onshape is a popular full-cloud 3D CAD system. All editions of Altair SimSolid come with full access to Onshape and now the user experience has been further refined to make browsing on-the-cloud documents easier and faster. Read on to find out more.

As before, the embedded Onshape cloud browser is activated from the Altair SimSolid “Import from cloud” button.


But now, the user is presented with an updated Documents list with icons to help identify the contents. A search box at the top of the form and a category pull-down menu are there to further refine the list. Also, the list is now infinitely scrollable, so a “load more” link at the bottom of the list is no longer required.

Initially, Onshape Default Workspaces are selected but this can be changed using a new right mouse button (RMB) menu.


Select a document and the bottom pane will be filled with all associated Part and Assembly studio tabs. Drag the separator bar to resize the view as required. Select a part or assembly studio then press the Open button to load the model. Or, simply double click to open faster.

Full multi-level assembly tree support

Assembly studios now contain full multi-level trees and all sub-assembly and part names are retained. This make it easier to select and operate on related groups of parts.



Part names too long? It is easy to switch to shorter Altair SimSolid default names. Just pick the “CAD part names” menu item from the Assembly level right mouse button menu.


The assembly structure remains the same but the names are now simple “Sub-assembly” and “Part” prefixes with index numbers at the end.


Onshape large model support 

Best of all the 150 MB limit on Part and Assembly studio files has been removed. Models of any size can now be loaded. In addition, Assembly studios are now fully supported with indexed face facets.  The RAW STL faceting option is no longer needed and has been removed. Finally, more parallelization has been added when reading Assembly studios with parts from multiple Part studios.

In the past, the connection to Onshape documents was very good. Now, it is even better. Go ahead and give it a try.

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