New Feature: Graphics from Data stored on Carriots

When we posted on this blog an article on Business Reports for IOT projects we mentioned that we had released a feature to get graphics from data stored on Carriots. Well … that feature was in testing until yesterday when it was fully released.

So now you have all the tools to build nice web frontends like this one:

Btw: this a front-end of a Cool Project that we will soon publish in that section of our web. In this project we have built a flow meter for beers to get metrics on beer consumption habits. We can’t wait to show you the demo video that we shot!

So in order to build your own web front-end with graphics using Carriots graphics (and minimum coding) you just need to follow a few simple steps.

First of all, we recommend you to use another new feature of Carriots the Read-only API-Key. This API-Key will be used by your webpage to ask data to Carriots. As this API-Key is published in the source code of your webpage we recommend you to use this Read-only key.

You can find this Read-only key on your user profile (below your full privileges API-Key) :

User profile showing Read Only API-Key

Then you can use a simple script like this one to ask Carriots for graphics of your data:

Example of Script to Request Graphics to Carriots

Note that you have to modify this script with your own Read-only API-Key and the name of your Device.

This is image Carriots would return to that script:

Returned Graphic

In the following days we will update all the documentation of our API and publish a detailed tutorial.

Enjoy Carriots!

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

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