Meritor 14X HE Tandem Drive Axle is 30 Pounds Lighter Than Previous Model

Meritor has announced it has earned Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) magazine’s 2018 Top 20 Product Award for its 14X™ HE high efficiency tandem drive axle.

The award honors the most innovative and significant new products that address industry issues and help fleets improve their bottom line, according to Deborah Lockridge, HDT editor-in-chief. HDT announced the awards at the Technology and Maintenance Council’s 2018 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The 14X HE axle marks an evolution of the successful 14X axle platform, taking efficiency to a whole new level,” said James Taylor, vice president, Rear Drivetrain for Meritor. “This industry recognition is a great honor and it demonstrates Meritor’s commitment to delivering solutions that fit our customers’ needs for efficient, dependable products.”

The 14X HE delivers 1.5 percent higher efficiency and 30 pounds of weight savings over the current 14X model. Meritor engineers the 14X HE model with precision-finished gears, spiral bevel gearing, high-efficiency bearings and laser-welded components. It also includes the innovative Meritor Lube Management System to reduce lube level and minimize churning losses. All of these technologies contribute to the axle’s increased efficiency. The 14X HE axle offers super-fast ratios available today with the capability to go even faster in the near future.

HDT selected the winners from hundreds of products and services covered in the magazine or on in 2017. The selection was made by HDT’s editors with the help of a panel of readers who are decision-makers at trucking fleets. Each of the award-winning products will be featured in HDT magazine’s February issue.


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