Managing materials in complex assemblies

Applying material properties in Altair SimSolid is very straightforward. Open the material application dialog, select a material property, select one or more parts in the Project tree or the Graphics window and pick “Apply to selected materials” – simple. But what if the assembly contains hundreds of parts, comes from some unknown source and have a few scattered parts without materials. Read on to find a quick way to get this done.

The first thing to do is find out what materials are applied.  Right mouse button (RMB) select the Assembly branch in the Project tree then select “Show > Materials“.


This will provide a list of all materials currently assigned in the model.  Selecting a material will highlight the parts in both the Project tree and the Graphics window.


But what about parts without materials? To display this group of parts use the next Assembly Show function, “Parts without materials“.


That’s better. Only the parts without material properties are now visible.


Now just use the material application dialog (as described above) to apply materials to these remaining parts. Finally, one more check with the “Show materials without materials” gives us the good news.


Pretty easy.

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