Book Review: IoT with the Arduino Yun

Internet of Things with the Arduino Yun - Packt publishingA couple weeks ago, our friends at “Packt Publishing –” sent us a copy of the book “Internet of Things with the Arduino Yún“. Without a doubt the book is a good reference for anyone that wants to dive into the world of IoT and the Maker movement.

The book introduces the reader to the basic concepts of electronics, programming and the Internet which are necessary to taking the first steps toward the creation of an Iot project in an easy and didactic way.

Each chapter shows pragmatically and directly how to develop small prototypes. It takes the reader from the conception of the hardware, through its programming process and cumulates with the interaction with the Internet using Temboo. Even though the book consists of just four examples, the design and construction of these examples can be the base for other more ambitious projects.

Through the chapters, the author (Marco Schwartz@MarcoSchwartz) introduces us to the basic concepts of IoT, recompilation of sensor data, logic application, data storage, automatization, etc. These are universal concepts in the development of IoT projects and learning them in a practical way gives the reader a strong base for future projects.

If we could find any sort of negative aspect it would be the lack of variety of cloud platform integration since the author always chooses the same option, which is connecting with Temboo. It’s true that Temboo is a great platform for working with the Arduino Yun and it can be integrated in many wonderful ways, however, on occasions it might not be the correct solution if the user needs more functionality on the Internet in the IoT paradigm.

Nevertheless, as an introductory text it is a good book recommendable for anyone that needs or desires to dive into the passionate world of IoT and take their the first steps as a Maker.

We encourage you to read the book, put into practice its examples, modify them and enrich them by connecting your devices to Carriots. Experience the advantages of establishing the business logic at the cloud and not the device, centralize your sensor data, make your actuators make the best decisions possible by taking into account multiple factors, access your data history, connect different devices to one another and unlimited possibilities more. Imagine, prototype, create and enjoy.

In conclusion: Very recommendable for people starting out and who need a base and practical examples. If you are an experienced maker, this might not be the book for you.

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Enjoy Carriots!

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