IoT Meetup in Kochi, India

Hot from our partner program! Nibodha Technologies has conducted an IoT meetup that we are proud to be part.

Here are their appreciations:

We at Nibodha Technologies, are extremely happy to let you know that we had conducted the first IoT Meetup in Kochi, India. The event was conducted at Startup Village on 22nd October 2014. The response we got from people here was extremely amazing. 50+ people turning up for the very first event of IoT was astonishing. The event comprised of an overview on technological landscape of IoT by Radhesh Radhakrishnan (V.P Engineering, Nibodha Technologies), technical discussions, Q&A sessions and demo of an IoT application using the Carriots platform.

At a high-level, the application sensed prevailing room temperature and sends it to user’s phone via internet. JSON data was send,stored and received using the Carriot platform. Thanks to the Carriots platform, integration part worked like butter!! We used Arduino Uno (Sparksfun Redboard) for I/O operations like fetching room temperature, light intensity and passed the value to Raspberry Pi using serial communication. Raspberry Pi was running on node.js server and was programmed to post the values on to Carriots rest API. On the end-user side, we created an Android application which communicates with Carriots rest API and displays the temperature & Intensity on the Android App.

The integration freedom which Carriots provides for developers is exceptional. We had happy times experimenting the Carriots. We are also looking forward on how to use this in real-life use cases such as poultry farms and hatcheries. The meetup dispersed on the note, to conduct frequent IoT meetups. Together, we aim to resolve complex problems of mankind using simple IOT applications. We believe Carriots will keep supporting us.

This is the teaser video of the event:

Thanks guys for the good work. Keep on moving the IoT!

Enjoy Carriots!

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

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