IoT Gifts for December 2016

We have made a selection of devices and products we think can help you with your presents for this holidays!!!

1.- To forgetful people

Where I parked my car ? have you seen my keys? where is my wallet? is the person near you always asking the same questions? Clearly he or she needs Tile. Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that helps you find everyday items in seconds (watch the video if you want to see how it works) . From 25$ .


And if your friend is a very, but very very forgetful person then the Glue keys are a good solution. Easy to use, you only need a smartphone to lock or unlock doors. You can create digital keys too. From 299$. More economic in this line works Garageio, a company sells from 199$ a system to automatize with your phone the garage´s door.

2.- For your house ( and also your pocket!)

And for those who have all type of gadgets, devices and other tech elements….which present can be perfect for the holidays??? In this field we offer you alternative ideas for the big forgotten: our homes. For example, a smart thermostats can be a good option for those who want to reduce his receipt at the end of the month: like Nest, one of the most knowed smart thermostat in the market (we wrote about a selection of smart thermostats recently , you can read the post here). From 249$.

3.- Personal assistance

Here we talk about two biggers. In the one hand,  Amazon Echo ( from 179$): A hands-free speakers connects to Alexa Voice Service and tell you the weather, select your music, read the meeting of the day…in the other hand Google Home ( from 99$ ) another hands -free speaker to answer questions….included the connection with your Nest Thermostat we have already see a some lines before.


4.-For pet lovers

Another gift option can be for dogs and cats … they are part of the families and sometimes can be a good inspiration for your gifts … which can run with IoT too!! Read here about some ideas we gave you this november, like PetCube: a company who has a device who has a reward cookie system that  allows you to have streaming video of your pet , talk to him and play.( Available early 2017).


5.- Fashionist

The mix between fashion industry and IoT can be great! Some companies are already using the technology with RFID tags for inventories for example. But Spinali, is one of the first company to launch to the market a connected jeans (available in pre-order until 12/12/2016). The jeans has 2 sensors and with GPS permits through vibration offers a guide to the city….From 89$.


6.- For new parents

If you are expecting a baby or looking gifts for new parents you must read our article about baby´s wearables .You can find some interesting ( and useful ideas) about how IOT can help new parents with some worries about how to care a baby.Like Owlet:  a smart sock that scans the heart rate and monitors the oxygen, using oximetry technology. The information is sent to a base station you can put in your room. In case something goes wrong, alarms with sound red light can wake you.From 249$.



7.- For kids too

There are some toys are perfect for kids and fit perfectly in this review like Leapfrog Leapband. It is an activity tracker but designed for kids with a customizable pet that encourages an active play with a reward points system. From 29.99$.


8.- For stressful people

Buying gifts generates stress at yourself?? Do not worry, we found a perfect gift for you too. Thync: using electric stimulation to change your mood through your mobile. Nearly  unbelievable!!! From 199$.


9.- For makers

We have a present for you all the year guys! If you have an idea you can make a Proof of Concept and take advantage with our IoT Platform for free. You can start your project with one or two devices and create a unique gift for your loved ones or even design the the next big IoT success with Carriots!!

logo_carriots (1)


And now, are you ready for the Holiday Gift Time?

Brian Peters
Brian Peters

About Brian Peters

Brian Peters is a Director of Sales with a focus on deploying Altair’s IoT solutions within the Americas region. In this role, he is responsible for consulting with customers and establishing solutions based on their needs for smart and connected products and process. Based out of Altair’s world headquarters in Troy, MI, Brian works closely with the corporate management, marketing, software development, and solution deployment teams. Brian joined Altair in 1999 and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Technological University.