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This week I’m preparing to attend the HyperWorks Technology Conference (HTC) in Pune, India. This is part of the 2011 Global HTC Series. The events so far in Tokyo, Japan and Orlando, Florida have been well attended and have included some great customer presentations in addition to excellent keynotes. India will be no exception with, among others, Charlie Loh from Jaguar Land Rover addressing the “Journey from Physical to Virtual Verification” and Suresh Nandagopal, President, Autoliv India providing a “Safety Outlook for Automotive”.

For my part I’ll be providing an overview of innovation for the automotive industry. This will examine how Altair products and services are helping vehicle manufacturers and suppliers increase market share through simulation driven design. The three goals for us are, Safer Passengers, a Sustainable Planet and Superior Performance, the release of HyperWorks 11 provides even more functionality than ever attain higher standards for each. A single blog post isn’t big enough to provide details of everything that is new in HyperWorks 11, but here are some highlights…

More solver power: AcuSolve is now part of HyperWorks introducing advanced computational fluid dynamics to the solver solutions. New non-linear implicit solutions for a wide range of contact, material and post-buckling problems. An agressive license decay function for large scale use of RADIOSS and lower unit draw for many solver solutions. More HyperWorks enabled products through the HyperWorks Partner Alliance.

More desktop power: Full integration of simulation data management functions into the HyperWorks desktop. Integration of finite element and multi-body dynamics pre- and post-processing. Result math to derive custom result types. Video-animation overlay to compare test and simulation. Expanded third party software interfacing including new CAD reader technology and improved solver interfaces.

More design power: solidThinking is now part of HyperWorks bringing 3D conceptual design to the suite. Equivalent Static Load Method for the optimization of geometric and material non-linear problems. Extended manufacturing constraints for topology optimization. New algorithms for multi-objective and robust design. Multi-Excel spreadsheet optimization and study.

This is a big release! You should probably download the HyperWorks 11 Update Brochure

Tony Norton
Tony Norton

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Tony leads the Americas based Altair ProductDesign teams in the delivery of early concept (industrial design, design exploration, testing & prototyping) and advanced simulation driven design (cutting-edge modeling, optimization, methods development & automation) to our customers. Before joining Altair UK in 1996, he worked at both Ford Motor Company and GEC-Marconi Avionics. He moved to Michigan in 1999 to join Altair US, and holds a Bachelors degree from The University of Hertfordshire in England.