IN10 Gets Latin America Data Prepped for 2017

We are ringing in the New Year by celebrating data prep’s launch to the Latin American market through our new partnership with IN10.  IN10, based in Brazil, has been providing customized business intelligence and management solutions to clients in Latin America for over 10 years.  Already working with Tableau, they recognized feedback from their customers that arose again and again- the need for a self-service data prep tool. And this is where we came in.

Altair Knowledge Works brings seamless data preparation and analysis to clients, enabling them to work better and faster directly through the business user. IN10 customers vary from retail, finance, services, and more. They have the opportunity to save more time analyzing and less time preparing data.

“Offering this unique solution will allow all IN10 customers an edge in self-service analytics tools with the added benefit of no longer manually entering data,” said Mario Takami, CEO of IN10.  “No longer will companies be forced to spend hours cleansing data.” A recent Altair survey, providing insight into the current state of self-service analytics, conveyed employees believing that self-service analytics actually increases their worth. In fact, 66% said that it has more than doubled their value to their organization.

IN10 wants to move and shake the way companies of all sizes in Latin America see the immediate value behind a user-friendly data preparation tool like Monarch.  IN10 envisions this new alliance as a unique solution being offered to customers across multiple industries with cutting-edge solutions. It is their goal not only to help their current customers save time and money with data prep and analytics, but also to help Brazil as a whole become more technologically advanced.