Featured Video: HyperWorks® Collaboration Tools

HyperWorks Collaboration Tools organize and manage the data and files used throughout the simulation life cycle. Collaboration Tools are seamlessly integrated within the HyperWorks Desktop suite of applications, providing users with a natural and convenient environment for accessing and storing information, all while working within the native pre- and post-processing applications. With Collaboration Tools 12.0, users can immediately begin managing their personal data or collaborate in small teams, without the overhead typical of enterprise data management and PLM systems.

We are offering a special post this week as we are going to give you access to the full Collaboration Tools self-paced course for a limited time. Learn about the Explore dialog which is tightly integrated into all HyperMesh® file dialogs and allows for efficient searching of databases and retrieving of files. Also, the Organize Browser helps to structure simulation data and file versions.  Enjoy this limited full-course access without logging into the Client Center.

Here is the link: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/training/self_paced/CT_SelfPaced/index.html

Sean Putman
Sean Putman

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Sean Putman has been an instructor, instructional designer, and developer for almost 15 years. He has spent his career designing and developing training programs, both instructor-led and online, for engineering design and analysis software. Sean has spent the last few years leading the training and documentation organizations for Altair. A large portion of his time has been spent designing and developing the online learning strategy. He is based in Troy, Michigan.