HyperWorks 2017.2 Released

Altair has released HyperWorks® 2017.2 – a significant update to its HyperWorks 2017 suite. It can be downloaded via Altair’s user portal ‘Connect’.

Besides hundreds of new features and improvements 2017.2 contains major upgrades to some of the products:

HyperMesh® sees the introduction of a new mass trimming workflow, while the component replacement tool has been improved to allow multiple part replacement. The Model Build and Assembly workflow has been significantly enhanced: general usability enhancements include the automatic thickness assignment from CAD to the property of a part and the introduction of connector representation management.

HyperView® provides stress linearization to calculate membrane, bending and peak stresses across sections. Stress classification lines can be plotted with the new feature. Two-dimensional axisymmetric model results can now be visualized as three-dimensional models.

In HyperStudy® several newly introduced table work flows make the setup easier, while new features and enhancements, such as data sources, can improve performance in many applications. Finally, the new System Reliability Optimizer (SRO), can improve a series of new unique feature that will make probabilistic design more accessible.

Altair ConnectMe™ is a convenient new tool that lets the user launch installed HyperWorks products. Users will also get notified about version upgrades and can directly launch the product help.

For all details of this release please refer to the release notes in the Altair Connect customer portal or the Updates tab in previously mentioned ConnectMe.

To learn more about all the products and capabilities included in the HyperWorks 2017 suite, please visit: http://altairhyperworks.com/hw2017/

Ulrich (Uli) Gollwitzer
Ulrich (Uli) Gollwitzer

About Ulrich (Uli) Gollwitzer

Uli is currently the Marketing Manager for HyperWorks® at Altair. He joined Altair Germany in 2004 as an Application Engineer, and moved to Altair Troy Headquarter in 2007 as Program Manager for solver interfaces. He has over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the CAE market and Altair’s core products. In his current role, he is the technical link between the software teams and the marketing team. He provides technical contents, as well as production of video testimonials and promotional product clips, to employees and the public. Uli holds a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg and a Master's Degree from the University of Bochum.