Tutorial: How to create a Device Status Board on your iPad, by one of Community of Developers

First of all let us present you Zambiot , one of our most active (and coolest) users on our Community Forum. Zambiot is building a commercial IOT product to track the performance of renewable energy systems from Outback Power .

Zambiot product is built in a very lean and clever way, by integrating different modules. Carriots is used as the back-end infrastructure, while his web front-end runs on PythonAnywhere web hosting service. Zambiot has been very generous with our developer community by sharing many of the scripts he has created in python to integrate his front-end with Carriots.

Now Zambiot has published a tutorial on instructables to build a Status Board of your devices using Panic’s iPad application , Carriots and PythonAnywhere .

This is the awesome result he has achieved:

iPad Status board of devices using Panic Carriots and PythonAnywhere from Zambiot

The tutorial is GREAT and very easy to follow, so you can get the same results as Zambiot. Perhaps the only thing we miss in the tutorial is a little music suggestion like we do in our tutorials . So at Carriots we think you could listen to DJ Shadow – Organ Donor while you complete this DIY Status Board.

Device Monitoring from and iPad

Great Job Zambiot and thanks for sharing!

Alvaro Everlet
Alvaro Everlet

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