Holiday Änglaspel: the Math behind the Music


So in the hope of more interest of the physics behind,

I did this simulation using AcuSolve in mind.

With videos and 3D models I now hope

my children and all else will see the full scope.


These Christmas ornaments reflect a combination of tradition and inventiveness that always fascinated me as a young child. It was almost a ceremonial experience to assemble all the brass pieces and see the mechanism come to life when you lit the candles.

An Änglaspel (eng. Christmas chime) traditionally has four candles, 1 rotor (FSI) RidigBodyMotion, and chimes.

Every Christmas holiday when it’s that time to bring out the Änglaspel I try to explain to my children the physics behind it, how the candles heats the air and creates a updraft, powering the elfs to rotate and (excluded from this simulation) the elf’s clappers hits the bells to creates a southing ringing sound. Which propagates throughout the house and create a wonderful holiday feeling for all. The feeling is there, but the physics behind it is usually ignored by the children.


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