Highlights from the 2015 ATCx Event Series in China

Altair China recently hosted seven successful ATCx events throughout the month of September. Located in cities all across China, the ATCx series last month covered a wide range of industries, trends, new technologies, and solutions. It was a great opportunity for industry experts, professionals, and students to exchange knowledge, discuss the future of CAE, and network amongst those with similar interest and goals. Take a look at what happened at each location:

September 8 – Beijing


Day One of the ATCx China series began in Beijing with attendees from aerospace, automotive, electronic, defense, university, HPC, Research & Development institutes, and heavy industries. The keynote speaker of the day was Dr. Tang Xiaodong, who presented on “Virtual Simulation & Optimization Driven Innovation Product Design” and shared application of HyperWorks in the design and development of local off-road vehicles. In addition, solidThinking is widely used in the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) and they have had great success with the software. Mr. Cheng Zhizhong from CAST gave a very exciting presentation on their usage of solidThinking with regards to aerospace structure and 3D printing. Five local FEKO users also shared their positive and innovative experiences with FEKO’s electromagnetic simulation technology.

September 10 – Shanghai


Day Two continued in Shanghai, with PATAC, Chery Auto, and SAIC sharing their experiences with Altair HPC solutions during the HPC/Cloud track. They received outstanding feedback from the attendees. ClassNK focused on the topic “PrimeShip-HULL (HCSR) Development based on HyperWorks”, letting more people know about Altair Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) software capabilities. COMAC also showcased the FEM modeling technology on commercial aircraft with HyperMesh, which brought a lot of inspiration to the audience. Similarly to Beijing, five local FEKO users also shared their experiences with FEKO technology. The solidThinking booth was once again very popular among the attendees!

September 11 – Wuhan


ATC China’s third location was in Wuhan. The focus was primarily on the automotive industry. Five key local customers shared their success stories using HyperWorks. Over 130 people attended the event in Wuhan and participated in the discussions about HyperWorks and CAE technology!

September 15 – Chongqing


The event in Chongqing focused on Multi-discipline solutions. Mr. Su Xintao, from SAIC-IVECO Hongyan, presented their project’s entire product design process and how CAE contributed to its success throughout the development process. His presentation showed many successful applications of simulation technology in the development of heavy truck products with HyperWorks, which motivated the audience and engaged many discussions.

September 17 – Guangzhou


Guangzhou was the 5th location for the ATCx series. The main focus of the day was on the automotive industry. Guangzhou Auto and Nissan Auto presented their successful applications with HyperWorks.

September 18 – Hong Kong


The ATCx in Hong Kong hosted attendees primarily from the electronic, architecture, and fashion industries. The presentation “CAE-Driven Product Quality” given by Dr. LiuSui from Huawei Devices was very impressive. Two presenters from Arup also gave excellent presentations on CAE. Additionally, solidThinking and 3D printing were hot topics at this location! Mr. Chuck Fung, Senior Consultant of HKPC, presented on how Evolve and 3D printing are used in the fashion design world. Many glasses designers also expressed their interest in Evolve for eyeglass frame design.

September 24 – Taipei, Taiwan


The final location of the ATCx China series was in Taipei, Taiwan with a unique focus on Altair’s topology optimization combined with 3D printing technology. To create awareness and inspire design and simulation, Liu Sung-Ho, from Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, presented a keynote speech about Metal Additive Manufacturing in Taiwan. This was the largest ATC in Taiwan, with more than 130 Altair users and prospects attending the conference. Over 40 people also attended the second day HyperWorks training class. Altair and local partners such as AgileSim, Flotrend, Simutech, and HSL came together and participated in great discussions and networking events.

We are very pleased with the turnout of this year’s ATCx China series! We had a great time meeting everyone and we thank all the presenters and attendees for taking the time to be a part of the biggest industry event of the year! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year and don’t forget to check out more upcoming Altair Technology Conferences near you!

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