High Excitement at High Performance Computing Event in Frankfurt, Germany


The ISC High Performance conference was a dynamic event fostering thought-provoking sessions on a range of topics including big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and exascale computing. For Altair it was a particularly exciting time for several reasons. On June 20th, which coincided with the beginning of the conference, Altair announced the availability of open source licensing for its market leading high-performance computing (HPC) workload manger, PBS Professional® (PBS Pro). PBS Professional is now available as an Open Source Initiative compliant version and continues to be offered through commercial licenses. Additionally, several upcoming new products were showcased throughout the week at the Altair booth as well as the fact that Altair was named a founding member of the Linux Foundation’s OpenHPC project, which is dedicated to advancing software for exascale computing. The open source licensing option of PBS Pro will be available as a part of the project’s software stack.


At the Altair booth, the PBS Works suite was shown live using HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance. Several new products were also demoed at the Altair booth during the event. These new product technologies provide solutions for cloud, HPC and business intelligence.

The first new product, PBS Cloud Manager is a cloud platform that easily creates, manages, deploys and monitors HPC appliances for public clouds, private clouds, and bare metal. Solution architects define fully engineered HPC appliances, including Cloud or on-premise hardware, including middleware, and applications from Altair, from 3rd parties, or from in-house. Engineers and scientists can then deploy and easily use appliances via a self-service model. Sign-up now to request early access through the private preview starting end of July 2016: www.pbsworks.com/pbscloudmanager.

The second product to be demoed, PBS Control, will be a part of the PBS Works suite of tools and allows HPC administrators to easily configure, manage and monitor PBS Professional clusters, including usage, queues, nodes, and scheduling policies. Included is our new simulation engine that enables administrators to test and verify changes in scheduling policies before putting them into production (by comparing versus historical data), and to run optimization studies to “right-size” hardware and software licenses to match demand.


Finally, Envision is a modern cloud-based business intelligence platform for hosted and on-premise environments. Architected for an optimized self-service user experience, Envision speeds data visualization, exploration and discovery. Learn more about Envision at http://www.envisionbi.com/.

Additional information and launch dates for all the new products will be provided later. If you were unable to attend ISC High Performance and/or would like copies of the informational sheets that were in the Altair booth, visit www.pbsworks.com/isc2016 to download the materials.

Download the software and contribute to the code at http://www.pbspro.com/. All are welcome to join the community and participate in the conversation at community.pbspro.org.

Jemellah AlHabashneh
Jemellah AlHabashneh

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Jemellah is currently the program coordinator for HPC marketing at Altair, where she handles the company's presence at events and manages marketing activities. She has been with Altair since 2010 and was previously a marketing coordinator for the Altair Partner Alliance. Jemellah holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Oakland University and Master of Science degrees in Management and Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University – Global Campus.