Healthcare – the Internet of Things Hackathon

Bangalore, India, August 24, 2014: The inaugural edition of ThingHack: Healthcare – the Internet of Things Hackathon came to a close today in Bangalore, presented by IoTBLR – an open community for IoT enthusiasts, the event was hosted and supported by Cisco. The two day healthcare and wellness hackathon witnessed participation from 30 individuals who conceptualized, designed and made prototypes of connected healthcare devices that would benefit the society.

ThingHack received over 150 registrations which were narrowed down to 30 based on their ideas, skillsets and interviews conducted by a panel of technology mentors & experts. The shortlisted participants comprised of students, budding entrepreneurs and corporate employees.

Besides hosting the event, Cisco and IoTBLR brought together the IoT ecosystem of technology experts, IoT champions and domain experts who mentored participants and offered training sessions on various topics. The event also involved various Cisco partners and companies from across the globe such as Madrid-based Carriots and London-based Evrythng who offered their IoT solutions and remote support to the participants through the event.

Unlike most hackathons, ThingHack provided both, hardware and software to the participants that included sensors, kits, development boards, components, medical devices, IoT cloud platforms and hardware tools that helped the developers give shape to their concepts. The other interesting aspect was the presence of 3D printing start-up Fracktal Works who brought their 3D printer that allows the participants to make 3D prototypes of their ideas.

Aimed at promoting collaboration among participants, the event also included a ‘Collaboration Challenge’ that encouraged two teams to collaborate and use their solutions to develop a product.

Smart Insulin Pen built by the team of Devanjan Maiti, Chayatan, Manish DM from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore was adjudged the best prototype at the end of the event.

The hackathon was presided over by a panel of mentors that included:

  • Dr. Parama Pal – Member, Technical Staff, Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems
  • Dr Rupesh Shirore – Senior Consultant, Deloitte
  • Dr Navin Parthasarathy – Practicing Physician
  • Rajesh Rane – Product Manager, Cisco
  • Ashish Dalela – Sr. Technical Leader, Cisco
  • Zahir Parkar – Firmware Engineer, Texas Instruments
  • Tushit Jain – Consultant, Wi-Fi Software, CSR
  • Sayan Chakraborty – Manager, Deloitte
  • Tushar Panda – Application Engineer (SA), element14
  • Abhishek Rao – Technical Marketing Manager, element14
  • Chandrashekhar IG – Application Engineer, Texas Instruments

IoTBLR is an open community of Internet of Things enthusiasts comprising of corporate employees, students and entrepreneurs, and over the last one year has grown to over 2000 members. The IoTBLR community is the ideal partner in Cisco’s efforts to accelerate IoT ecosystem in India to create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals and economies.

List of projects developed



Epileptic Seizure Detection Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which the nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing a seizure. As per the WHO report close to 80% of epileptic patients are found in developing countries.This project aims to develop a device which can detect such epileptic seizures and alert care givers/emergency contacts.
Smart Insulin Pen Diabetics quite often forget if they have taken their insulin or not. This could lead to either missing their dosage or taking double the dosage – both being extremely dangerous. Although a very serious issue, there is currently no easy and reliable way to track the usage.This project aims to design a module that can be used with the common insulin pens used by diabetic patients that will record the time and dosage of the insulin taken, transmits it to the cloud and helps keep track of this vital information.
Sleep Monitoring and Apnoea Detection This project aims to track sleep cycles by monitoring the EEG or EOG (Electro Oculogram) as well as the breathing pattern to detect any abnormal conditions, such as sleep apnoea. It will utilize a smart sleep mask to monitor various parameters and either take necessary action to remedy the situation or communicate any emergencies to care takers.
Remote Patient Monitoring This project involves the use of E-Health Sensor Platform and Video/Audio devices for monitoring the patient remotely. This will support mobile endpoints for doctors to monitor their patients in realtime over the internet.
Vein Imaging Near-infrared (NIR) sensitive cameras can be used to make finding/viewing veins easier for doctors and nurses. Vein Imaging using NIR illumination can also detect vein diseases such as arterial plaques. This project will explore some of these challenges and attempt to detect blood clots in the vein.
Neonatal Respiratory Monitoring New born babies are often at risk of respiratory failure due to the presence of fluids, mucous, etc. in their respiratory tract. Monitoring outside of ICU is done manually and intermittently, which may not be of much use to a baby whose breathing has ceased. This project aims to create a low cost, reusable, neonatal respiratory monitor that constantly monitors the newborn’s breathing and alerts medical staff if it detects any discrepancies
Rehab Buddy Rehabilitation (neuropsychology) is a therapy aimed at improving neurocognitive function that has been lost or diminished by disease or traumatic injury. Electromyography sensor (EMG Sensor) can be used to predict the following during muscle activity.

  • Form and posture.
  • Exercise Intensity

The data from the EMG sensor coupled with other vital measurements like heart rate, hydration etc. can be used to predict whether the patient is following the rehab procedure correctly and also to predict how much longer the patient has to undergo rehab.

If the patient is not following the rehab correctly, the inbuilt telepresence will connect to the doctor who can give him suitable advice regarding the form and posture of the activities he is doing wrong. The same can be used for athletes to determine the performance of their workout and also log the statistics for reference and motivation

ThingHack was hosted and supported by Cisco and was made possible with support from Associate Sponsors – SenseGiz, element14 and BAL IoTLAB, with Texas Instruments, Evrythng and Carriots as Technology Partners.

More details at Thinghack website:

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